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Naobios signs Service Agreement with Nobelpharma

Naobios will rely on its 15 years of expertise in process development and GMP manufacturing to support Nobelpharma develop its product. Naobios collaborated last year with the Japan-based company on preliminary studies.

Naobios is happy to announce the signing of a service agreement for GMP manufacturing services with a new client. Japan-based Nobelpharma has retained the Nantes-based CDMO for the developpement and manufacturing of an undisclosed product.

“Since the beginning of 2021, Naobios and Nobelpharma have collaborated on preliminary studies for their product candidate”, said Eric Le Forestier, general manager of Naobios. “We are really proud of the trust granted by Nobelpharma. We are honored to contribute to the development and GMP Manufacturing of their product.”

With its 15 years of experience in bioprocess development, Naobios can help its clients bring their products to the clinical stage as quickly as possible and with the highest quality level, whilst building on its technical know-how in scalable and industrial processes. With its adaptability and range of skills, the company will be able to lead the project from the initial stages through to completion with a motivated and dedicated team. Its highly qualified staff have the experience to deal with a wide range of sensitive viruses such as measles, SARS-CoV-2, polio and rabies, as well as various cell substrate lines.

Since its inception in 2003, Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director & CEO: Jin Shiomura) has adhered to its corporate mission of “Contributing to society by providing critical but neglected pharmaceuticals and medical devices” by working towards the objective of delivering pharmaceuticals and medical devices that are craved for but do not receive the attention of other companies to patients.