Cells and virus banking

GMP cell and virus banking: high-quality starting material for GMP manufacturing

Cell banks and virus banks (or seed stocks) are the basis of any successful GMP manufacturing program of biopharmaceuticals. Their manufacture is thus one of the essential activities we develop.

We combine this expertise with the testing services of our sister company Clean Cells which provides a panel of assays for the full characterization of each cell bank or virus seed, in agreement with both your team and the regulatory expectations.


Cell Banking

Mammalian cell banks are a crucial starting material for the manufacturing of virus-based biotherapies. We deliver GMP-compliant Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) produced from a variety of cell lines and formats, adherent or suspension, with serum or serum-free, within qualified clean rooms (up to grade A/B whenever needed).

Our cell banking services may satisfy needs up to 500 vials.

The following technologies may be used for GMP cell banking at Naobios:

  • Cell stacks/factories
  • Single Use Bioreactors (SUB)
  • Multi-layered flasks (e.g. HYPERFlask®)
  • Shake and spinner flasks]

Virus Banking

Establishment of GMP-grade Master Virus Seed Stock (MVSS) and Working Virus Seed Stock (WVSS) is the first step to the GMP manufacture of viral vaccines, viral vectors and oncolytic viruses.
Our certifications and qualified facility allow us to accommodate the GMP-compliant manufacture of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and to handle viruses graded BSL2 or BSL3.

Equipment available for such production programs are as follows:

  • Cell stacks/factories
  • SUBs
  • Single Use fixed-bed bioreactor
  • Multi-layered flasks (e.g. HYPERFlask®)
  • Shake and spinner flasks
  • Disposable

>10 Virus Seeds Produced under GMP

GMP storage

Cell banks and virus seeds can be stored in our qualified LN2 tanks or freezers. Please check our dedicated page for more detailed information on our storage services.