Naobios: a human-centred team with operational and transversal experience

The team at Naobios is made up of about 40 highly-qualified and motivated individuals who work within cross-functional groups with hands-on knowledge at R&D, pre-clinical and clinical stages.

A project-based approach ensures that the adequate human resources are used according to the characteristics of the manufacturing program and allows for an enhanced tracking of project execution.

The main groups are detailed below.

Bioprocess group

12 people are dedicated to the bioprocess team. This group is shared between bioprocess development (upsteam and downstream), QC support and clinical production.

Quality Assurance group

The group is comprised of 5 people operating according to a strict Quality Management System, ensuring compliance, manufacturing support, control of validation and documentation management.
All the requirements necessary to operate a GMP facility are hence covered.

Quality Control group

The QC team is made up of 7 people and is involved transversally in analytical development and GMP quality control operations.

Logistics and support group

This 3-person group supports the operational teams by generating media and solutions and ensures appropriate logistics for all operational works.

Other supporting groups

Other functions support the operational teams, the Purchase, Maintenance and Building work, Qualification and Business Development groups.

Additional functions are supported by our holding company Clean Biologics.