Naobios: a history of expertise in cell culture and virus production gathered over 15 years


In 2021, Naobios unveils a new BSL3 manufacturing unit (CM4) for the purpose of handling products and substances posing additional safety risks.

The Naobios team forms an experienced and versatile group of persons in the use of suspension or adherent cells for the production of viral vaccines and viral vectors. The group develops scalable processes and manufactures GMP product in a high-end facility with innovative technologies.

March 2019

On March 1st, 2019, BE Vaccines is rebranded as Naobios and joins the Clean Biologics group, an entity formed of companies Clean Cells (specialist in quality control testing and in the manufacture of starting material) & Biodextris (specialist in analytical development, process development and clinical lot manufacturing for a wide range of biological products). The new company operates as a CDMO (“Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization”) with a mission: to undertake the process development and GMP manufacture of preclinical and clinical lots of viral vaccines and viral vectors using the expertise gathered over 15 years in various companies.

2019 and beyond

a new history of Contract Development and Manufacture for global sponsors


In 2016, the warehouse was moved to an external location to create new offices and meeting rooms.


In 2014, a facility expansion increased the production capabilities and efficiency by creating a fourth clinical manufacturing area with BSL2+ containment requirements and a new biostorage area.

November 2013

In November 2013, the site was acquired from Valneva (formerly Vivalis) by Biological E Limited (India) to become BE Vaccines SAS and to support the vaccines pipeline technical development, GMP production and technical transfer to India.

2013 to 2019

consolidation of an international GMP experience and handling of sensitive products


Located in Saint-Herblain, north-west of Nantes (France), the Naobios sitewas built in 2005 by company Vivalis for the purpose of cell line development, R&D and GMP activities for early-stage biological product development.

2005 to 2013

Construction of the site and development of a specialized know-how