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Press Release – April 2024

Naobios and Sumagen sign exclusive partnership to develop HIV vaccine

Naobios will manage process development and initiate launch of cGMP manufacturing for phase II clinical trials...

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Congresses 2024: meet our teams!

Teams at Naobios are traveling the world to attend major conferences and congresses within the biotech sector. As leaders of the biopharma field, our mission and our drive at the Clean Biologics group are to remain both reachable and up-to-date with regards to the latest developments and innovations.

Clean Mails – February 2024

Extending biomanufacturing capacity for human challenge studies

Backed by a $1.87M (€1.7M) grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Naobios is proud to announce the extension of biomanufacturing capacities to generate viral agents for human viral challenge agents (HVCA), providing the support to this growing evaluation strategy.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation x Naobios

Press Release – December 2023

Naobios receives $1.87M (€1.7M) in support of vaccine development

Grant to fund manufacture of human viral challenge agent used in accelerating the vaccine development process


Naobios and FluGen begin collaboration to optimize manufacturing process for M2SR quadrivalent influenza vaccine

Naobios is announcing today that it has started the process optimization for a quadrivalent version of FluGen’s M2SR influenza vaccine. Naobios previously performed process development and cGMP manufacturing of FluGen’s monovalent M2SR vaccine for a recently completed clinical trial.

Clean Mails – June 2023

Assessing the scale-X(TM) bioreactor’s biomanufacturing capacities on Vero cells

To further extend their biomanufacturing capabilities and cater to Univercells clients' growing needs, Naobios has recently conducted a comprehensive assessment of the performance of Vero cells cultured within the scale-X(TM) bioreactor provided by Univercells Technologies. This assessment aimed to evaluate the compatibility and efficiency of the Vero cell line in this novel bioreactor system for viral-based bioproduction.

Clean Mails – May 2023

New equipment for biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing is a complex process which requires live material, experienced staff, and modern equipment. In order to generate innovative medicine from cells and viruses – inherently variable material, various tools are used to create a stable biomanufacturing environment ensuring reproducibility. An expert CDMO, Naobios increased its biomanufacturing capacity by implementing and qualifying two new Kuhner incubator shakers and one Sartorius bioreactor for process development and GMP purposes.

Clean Mails – December 2022

Naobios signs a Research License Agreement with Valneva on EB66® cell line.

Naobios today announces the signature of a Research License Agreement with Valneva to assess the EB66® cell line as cell substrate for the evaluation of alternative bioprocess design and new technologies.