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Clean Mails – May 2023

New equipment for biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing is a complex process which requires live material, experienced staff, and modern equipment. In order to generate innovative medicine from cells and viruses – inherently variable material, various tools are used to create a stable biomanufacturing environment ensuring reproducibility.

An expert CDMO, Naobios increased its biomanufacturing capacity by implementing and qualifying two new Kuhner incubator shakers and one Sartorius bioreactor for process development and GMP purposes.

Two new incubator shakers for larger shaking capacity

The ISF1-Z Kuhner incubator shaker is a GMP-ready equipment allowing for advanced biomanufacturing of suspension cell cultures – animal, microbial, plant and human. With CO2 and humidity control, its central feature is the enhanced capacity while offering innovative shaking modalities. Combined with the experienced team at Naobios, the incubator shakers are a key instrument to biomanufacturing virus-based products.

They offer distinct qualities for upstream process development and GMP production.

GMP single-use bioreactor in a BSL-3 suite

A new bioreactor has been implemented in our BSL3 biomanufacturing suite qualified for GMP operations involving cell and viral-based products. The 50l Sartorius Biostat STR® generation 3 bioreactor is a high-performance single-use instrument allowing for increased viability, density, purity and batch-to-batch consistency.

Together with the 200l and 50l Biostat bioreactors already in Naobios’ possession, the new bioreactor ensures additional capacity, seamless scaling up of operations while increasing reproducibility during biomanufacturing.

The state-of-the-art BSL-3 GMP unit and its added equipment accommodates the most demanding cells and virus-based products to generate high-quality cell banks and drug substances.


Reach out to our team for additional information on our equipment and biomanufacturing capabilities.