Naobios: a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)


A company of Clean Biologics

Naobios is a subsidiary of the company Clean Biologics and operates as a CDMO with the mission to support clients with process development and manufacture of preclinical and clinical batches of viral vaccines and viral vectors in the most efficient way.

Clean Biologics is a European provider of services for the Life Science industry, born in 2018 from the productive collaboration between Clean Cells and ArchiMed.

Contracted work

Naobios offers a comprehensive set of services for the effective development, manufacture and testing of viral vaccines and viral vectors candidates in preclinical and clinical development.

With 15 years of expertise in bioprocesses and a dedicated team, Naobios goal is to enable clients to bring to clinical as quickly as possible a product candidate at the requested level of quality using a scalable and industrialized process.

As a CDMO, Naobios provides clients with solutions that include process and analytical development, production of pre-clinical material, GMP manufacturing, QC release testing and regulatory support. The company employs highly educated staff with many years of experience in eukaryotic cell culture, upstream process development (suspension cells and adherent cells), purification development (cell disruption, endonuclease treatment, clarification, elimination of process related impurities), product inactivation, product characterization and testing, process validation and clinical manufacturing.

The team has experience with a wide range of viruses including measles, rubella, hepatitis A, poliovirus, influenza, Sindbis and MVA.

Naobios facility is located in Nantes, France and consists of multipurpose BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories, a process development area, GMP manufacturing area, QC testing laboratories and biostorage area.
The quality of Naobios, performance and results is ensured by comprehensive quality management and precise and reliable quality control. All GMP operations are certified by ANSM.

Naobios works in close collaboration with Clean-Cells, its sister local company, for in-process and release testing.