Storage: a secured and GMP-compliant service for the manufactured products

A GMP-compliant storage system ensures that your materials is kept safe for use in your manufacturing campaigns and process development activities.
Our storage areas have restricted access and materials are organized and follow a strict segregation policy by type of material and status, quarantine, released, rejected.


In-house storage of products from manufacturing campaigns

We have various GMP-compliant storage services offerings adequate to the various types of products:

  • Biological starting materials (cell banks, virus seeds)
    • Storage in freezers (-90°C to -70°C) or cryogenic storage (≤ -150°C) in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen (with automatic filling of the cryocontainers)
    • When not manufactured on site: regulatory assessment and QA authorization prior reception on site and use
    • Authorization required for GMP storage and removal
  • Intermediates and final products
    • Storage at cold temperatures (+2°C to +8°C)
    • Storage in freezers ( -25°C to -15°C and -90°C to -70°C)
  • Raw materials:
    • Storage at room and cold temperatures (+2°C to +8°C, -25°C to -15°C)
    • Raw material released before use for GMP operations

External long-term storage at Clean Cells

Our sister company Clean Cells offers long-term storage options in GMP environment and in qualified containers.

LN2 tanks and freezers are available for shared or dedicated storage of your material.

Materials graded from BSL1 to BSL3 and GMOs and may be stored in their secured and restricted areas.

Clean Cells is strategically located, its site being only 40km away from our facility.