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Assessing the scale-X(TM) bioreactor’s biomanufacturing capacities on Vero cells

Naobios, a renowned company with over 15 years of experience in developing biomanufacturing processes for viral-based products, has established itself as a leader in the field. With a strong focus on viral vaccines and oncolytic viruses, Naobios has worked extensively with the Vero cell line, a reference cell substrate for efficient development and GMP biomanufacturing of INDs.

The Vero cell line, characterized by its adherence to surfaces, is cultivated using static containers such as monolayer and multilayer tissue culture flasks. However, when large quantities of cells are required during biomanufacturing, alternative approaches become necessary to meet the scale demands. Naobios already mastered intensification of Vero cell biomanufacturing via micro carrier technology but acknowledges the need for further technologies to intensify production. Therefore, they continuously explore state of the art biomanufacturing platforms to address this challenge.

One such biomanufacturing platform that has drawn focus is the fixed-bed bioreactor, and Univercells Technologies has developed an innovative solution in this domain—the scale-XTM bioreactor. This next-generation bioreactor offers enhanced capabilities and efficiency, making it an attractive option for expanding biomanufacturing services.

To further extend their biomanufacturing capabilities and cater to Univercells clients’ growing needs, Naobios has recently conducted a comprehensive assessment of the performance of Vero cells cultured within the scale-XTM bioreactor provided by Univercells Technologies. This assessment aimed to evaluate the compatibility and efficiency of the Vero cell line in this novel bioreactor system for viral-based bioproduction.

By leveraging the scale-XTM bioreactor’s unique features, Naobios aims to optimize the biological production process for viral-based products, including viral vaccines and oncolytic viruses. This collaboration between Naobios and Univercells Technologies marks a significant step forward in the field of biomanufacturing, bringing together expertise and cutting-edge technology to drive advancements in the production of viral-based biological therapies.

Detailed information about this study is available here:

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