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New webinar

How can customized solutions speed up successful GMP manufacturing?

The next edition of our webinar series will be centred on customised solutions when designing GMP processes to manufacture biologics and will take place on June, 23rd . Led by experts Ysaline Roland, Head of manufacturing of viral vaccine lots, and Luís Raiado, Business development manager, the discussion will address matters of technologies and services available at Naobios and how they make up collaborative and flexible approaches supported by quality measures and extensive experience.

Biologics often require hands-on experience combined with specific technologies to address the innate variability of such products. Indeed, cell-based products such as viral vaccines (inactivated or live), viral vectors and oncolytic viruses may show discrepancies between R&D stage, GMP implementation and clinical manufacturing. Customized solutions for bioprocess development thus prove vital to achieve successful GMP manufacturing.

Our webinar will show how Naobios has worked extensively with companies around the world to strengthen a bioprocess development expertise spanning viral vaccines using BSL2, BSL3 and GM organisms.

Our experts will discuss the wide array of technologies that is made available to sponsors to support suspension and adherence-based cell cultures (including use of microcarriers), various purification techniques and the services and environment features in use at Naobios. This is supported by an advanced QMS and teams involved at both development and GMP stages for seamless solutions.

Finally, Ysaline and Luís will demonstrate how this combination of experience, technologies and environment are used to build customized solutions through collaborative and flexible approaches.

We look forward to seeing you on June, 23rd .

Our experts

Ysaline ROLAND
holds a bioengineering degree coupled with more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing processes to manufacture viral vaccines. After 2 years working for the Molecular Genetics Centre of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), she joined the team at Noabios in 2009 as bioprocess engineer and then moved to the Head of DSP development for recombinant proteins and vaccines. Since 2019, she leads the GMP manufacturing activities for clinical viral vaccine bulks and lots.


holds a PhD in biotechnology focusing on downstream process development, and particularly for the purification of plasmid DNA for vaccines and gene therapy, where he published several scientific papers with relevant impact. As a post-doc researcher, he also worked on development of downstream processes for several other biological entities, such as virus-like particles (VLPs), viral vectors and proteins. He has 4 years’ experience as business developer in the safety testing of biologics, and is the Business Development Manager for Naobios since 2020.


Looking forward to seeing you on June 23rd, 2022 at 4pm for this new webinar.
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