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Clean Mails – September 2022

Naobios x GenSensor: a partnership for bioprocess optimization

Our teams are proud to announce a partnership between Naobios, a Clean Biologics company, and GenSensor, a DeepTech startup. The collaboration aims at bioprocess optimization through joint bioproduction expertise.

Two companies providing expert solutions for bioprocessing

Naobios is a GMP-certified CDMO with a wide experience in bioprocess development and optimization, and manufacturing of preclinical and clinical lots of viral vaccines (live or inactivated), viral vectors and oncolytic viruses.

GenSensor is a DeepTech start-up that develops innovative in-line Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Our technology is based on real time cell sequencing during the production to continuously enhance bioprocessing.

Complementary skills for a future-oriented partnership

The aim of this partnership is to improve the management and development of bioprocesses and their industrial scale-up. This is an opportunity for Naobios to offer its customers optimized and secured productions. GenSensor benefits from the unique expertise of Naobios’ bioprocessing team to qualify its robot and develop key applications for a vaccine and vector producer.

Our both companies based in Nantes, France, recognized players in biomanufacturing, contribute in this way to improve the production of biological drugs. They are part of France’s 2030 national health strategy to accelerate and optimize biotherapies and bioprocessing of innovative therapies by improving production yields and capacity, reducing production costs.

Please reach out to the team for additional information.