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Congresses 2023: meet our teams!

Teams at Naobios are traveling the world to attend major conferences and congresses within the biotech sector. As leaders of the biopharma field, our mission and our drive at the Clean Biologics group are to remain both reachable and up-to-date with regards to the latest developments and innovations.

You will find below the list of congresses in which we will participate in 2023:

  • Bio Europe Spring – 20th to 22th march,
    On-site –  Basel, Switzerland.
  • Festival of Biologics US – 20th to 22th march,
    On-site –  San Diego, USA.
  • World Vaccine Congress – 4th to 6th april,
    On-site –  Washington, USA.
  • Bioproduction Polepharma – 5th to 6th april,
    On-site –  Tours, France.
  • Cell & Gene on the Med – 12th to 14th april,
    On-site –  Barcelona, Spain.
  • Bioconvention – 5th to 8th june,
    On-site –  Boston, USA.
  • 8th Bioproduction Congress – 5th to 6th october,

    On-site –  Lyon, France.
  • Festival of Biologics – 10th to 12th october,

    On-site –  Basel, Switzerland.
  • World Vaccine Congress Europe – 16th to 19th october,

    On-site –  Barcelona, Spain.
  • ESGCT – 24th to 27th october,
    On-site –  Brussels, Belgium.
  • BIO-Europe AUTUMN – 6th to 8th november,
    On-site – Münich, Germany.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team ( to setup a meeting or to request preliminary information or documentation in anticipation of a meeting.

We look forward to meeting your there.