Live vaccines

Live virus vaccines : at the heart of Naobios’ experience

Live virus vaccines are derived from “wild” viruses. These wild viruses are attenuated, usually by repeated culturing. An attenuated vaccine has a reduced virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable or “live”. These vaccines contrast to those produced by “killing” the virus (inactivated vaccines), also manufactured at Naobios.

Live attenuated vaccines are produced by growing the virus in culture. The virus is then purified using state of the art chromatographic processes.

Naobios’ experience with live attenuated vaccines encompasses Measles, Rubella and Influenza and we can offer adherent and suspension cell-based processes.

We operate under the scope of our EU GMP license while maximizing the use of single-use systems.


Process Development capabilites

Naobios is able to help you with the development and optimization of processes for the generation of your live vaccine product.

Please refer to our Upstream Processing and Downstream Processing pages for more detailed information on the development services we offer at each stage.

GMP capabilities


The team is able to undertake projects from the initial production of starting material to final GMP drug substance manufacturing, including cell and virus banking.

With our four independent BSL2 and BSL3 manufacturing suites from Grade D to grade B, we are able to manage aseptic or non-aseptic processes and we accommodate the necessary processes and the technologies to meet the client’s requirements.

Purification is performed using scalable chromatographic processes and other downstream unit operations as Filtration processes from dead end Filtration for clarification and sterile filtration when possible to TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration).

For additional information on our manufacturing capabilities, please go to our Cell and Virus Banking and Investigational Products pages.

Quality Control testing

Naobios performs the full characterization and release of manufactured products according to international guidelines and is able to propose the development and validation of bespoke assays for the specific evaluation of your live vaccine product.

Support for this activity is provided by sister company Clean Cells.

You can find a comprehensive description of QC capabilities at our Analytical Development, GMP testing and Stability Studies pages.